9 Things to Consider Before Getting Large Volume Breast Implants

19 June, 2019 Nurse Justine

Bigger is not always better and does not apply to the world of cosmetic surgery! Consider the impact that larger volume implants may have on your current lifestyle.


All About The Inverted Nipple

21 May, 2019 Nurse Justine

What causes an inverted nipple? How to fix an inverted nipple? How many times can I say inverted nipple in this blog post? (Spoiler, its 14).


7 Weirdest Products for Women with Big Boobs (with or without implants)

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Nipple Piercings and Breast Implants

17 April, 2019 Nurse Justine

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Underboob Tatts After Breast Implants

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How Much Is a Boob Job?

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11 Essential Items for Breast Surgery Recovery

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Why Cosmetic Surgery?

10 March, 2019 Dr Chinsee

Why I decided to chose cosmetic surgery, what I like about it, and what sets me apart from the rest.


Introducing The NEW Rapid Recovery, Scarless Breast Augmentation with Gummy Bear Implants

22 February, 2019 Nurse Justine

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Rapid Recovery? Surgery without scars? Common! And don't get me started on Gummy Bear Implants. Unless I get to eat them then I'm not for them.


Should I Travel Overseas For a Boob Job?

20 February, 2019 Nurse Justine

Traveling overseas for surgery seems appealing, but are you taking into account the expenses that could potentially occur?