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Scarring After Breast Surgery

21 July, 2020 Nurse Justine

Time definitely does heal all wounds. Time and patience.


Perfectly Imperfect

29 May, 2020 Nurse Justine

By design, we are not perfectly symmetrical. Have you ever uploaded a selfie into one of those programs that shows you what you would look like with 2 left sides or 2 right sides of your face? Weird right! But what asymmetries after surgery are normal, and what aren't?


Bottoming Out and Breast Implants

03 January, 2020 Nurse Justine

The what, why, and how of bottoming out.


Buying Bras After Boobs

16 December, 2019 Nurse Justine

Where are the best places to buy bras after your new assets? Here's a carefully cultivated list.


Lateral Displacement and Breast Implants

20 October, 2019 Nurse Justine

What is lateral displacement? How do you know if you have it?


Sex After Breast Surgery

17 September, 2019 Nurse Justine

Sex after surgery - make love, do it, roger, snu-snu - whatever you want to put it. When can you safely have sex after surgery? And what happens if you have sex too soon?


Calculating Implant Size for Your Frame

03 September, 2019 Nurse Justine

One size does not fit all. Implant sizing is a lot more complicated than you might think! Too big, too small. There is a perfect size for you.


Meet the Zingers! Nerve Regeneration and Breast Augmentation Recovery

05 August, 2019 Nurse Justine

What are the Zingers women describe after breast augmentation surgery?


Drop and Fluff Timeline: Breast Augmentation Recovery

16 July, 2019 Nurse Justine

A visual timeline of the Drop and Fluff progression - the catchy term given to the way the implants heal and settle into position.


9 Things to Consider Before Getting Large Volume Breast Implants

19 June, 2019 Nurse Justine

Bigger is not always better and does not apply to the world of cosmetic surgery! Consider the impact that larger volume implants may have on your current lifestyle.


All About The Inverted Nipple

21 May, 2019 Nurse Justine

What causes an inverted nipple? How to fix an inverted nipple? How many times can I say inverted nipple in this blog post? (Spoiler, its 14).


7 Weirdest Products for Women with Big Boobs (with or without implants)

27 April, 2019 Nurse Justine

Weirdest or genius? You decide.


Nipple Piercings and Breast Implants

17 April, 2019 Nurse Justine

Nipple piercings and breast implants....yay or nay?


Underboob Tatts After Breast Implants

03 April, 2019 Nurse Justine

Can I get an underboob tattoo after a breast augmentation? What's the deal?


How Much Is a Boob Job?

28 March, 2019 Nurse Justine

What's involved? I like to know where my hard earned money is going! These are the fees associated with a basic breast augmentation.


11 Essential Items for Breast Surgery Recovery

19 March, 2019 Nurse Justine

Don't know what to buy in preparation for your big day? Here are some must have items that patients have found most useful.


Why Cosmetic Surgery?

10 March, 2019 Dr Chinsee

Why I decided to chose cosmetic surgery, what I like about it, and what sets me apart from the rest.


Introducing The NEW Rapid Recovery, Scarless Breast Augmentation with Gummy Bear Implants

22 February, 2019 Nurse Justine

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Rapid Recovery? Surgery without scars? Common! And don't get me started on Gummy Bear Implants. Unless I get to eat them then I'm not for them.


Should I Travel Overseas For a Boob Job?

20 February, 2019 Nurse Justine

Traveling overseas for surgery seems appealing, but are you taking into account the expenses that could potentially occur?