Dr. Ian Chinsee

Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr Ian Chinsee

Dr Chinsee and his team believe in providing a bespoke experience for each patient. We appreciate that every person is unique and we are here to guide you with understanding throughout your journey to the new you. Dr Chinsee is well known for his friendly, compassionate nature and his dedication to achieving a natural transformation.

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Recent Blog Posts

Scarring After Breast Surgery

21 July, 2020 Nurse Justine

Time definitely does heal all wounds. Time and patience.


Perfectly Imperfect

29 May, 2020 Nurse Justine

By design, we are not perfectly symmetrical. Have you ever uploaded a selfie into one of those programs that shows you what you would look like with 2 left sides or 2 right sides of your face? Weird right! But what asymmetries after surgery are normal, and what aren't?


Bottoming Out and Breast Implants

03 January, 2020 Nurse Justine

The what, why, and how of bottoming out.


Buying Bras After Boobs

16 December, 2019 Nurse Justine

Where are the best places to buy bras after your new assets? Here's a carefully cultivated list.


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