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How does a Virtual Consultation work?

Before surgery, there are a number of steps we need to go through, luckily these can be done online and over virtual consultations with Dr Chinsee.

Step 1: Breast Surgery Info Pack

Before we begin, have you read the latest info pack? This provides all the information you need, especially if you're at the research phase of your journey. Dr Chinsee also offers a free photo assessment for your convenience.

Curious about breast surgery? Learn about Dr Chinsee's practice and breast surgery with our free info pack

Step 2: Book Your Virtual Consultation

During this appointment, we'll discuss your aesthetic needs, wants, and goals. You will be informed of anything and everything related to breast surgery and with your help, Dr Chinsee will devise a surgical plan tailored to you.

The cost of the initial consultation is $79. You can book and pay online.

This fee includes your additional face to face consultation when normal conditions are resumed. We do require the consultation fee to be paid at the time of booking to secure your appointment. These are non-refundable and rescheduling requires 48 hours notice.

Step 3: Send in Your Info

We'll send you a Virtual Consultation confirmation email with all the details we'll need before your appointment. This will include a New Patient online form, your photos, wish pictures, and breast measurements.

Step 4: Attend Your Virtual Consultation

We will text you the link to our Virtual Waiting Room before your booked time. Once you’re in the waiting room, Dr Chinsee will enter the video chat and your consult will begin. Make sure you allow microphone and camera access on your browser.

Step 5: Scheduling Surgery

After you've attended your Virtual Consultation we will be in touch to schedule your surgery!

Step 6: Surgery Day

Once you arrive at the hospital you will have a second consultation with Dr Chinsee, and meet the anaesthetist and other staff involved in ensuring your operation runs smoothly.

Step 7: After Surgery

You will have the option of virtual follow-ups or face-to-face appointments with Dr Chinsee throughout the year.

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