Breast Implant Removal

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There are many reasons why women may decide to undergo breast implant removal (also known as an explant). The surgical removal of breast implants can include removal of the surrounding capsule that forms around the prosthesis, this is known as a total capsulectomy (En Bloc). Dr Chinsee performs a total capsulectomy En Bloc in all cases to ensure all traces of implant are removed from the body.

In some cases, women may decide to undergo a breast lift in combination with breast implant removal to reshape and improve the appearance of the natural breast tissue.

Common Reasons for Breast Implant Removal

  • Capsular Contracture. Capsular contracture develops when the capsule around the implant hardens and contracts, causing a distorted appearance to the breast implant. When this occurs the breast implants may need to be replaced or some women opt to have them removed permanently..
  • Infection. Infection is a very rare breast implant complication that requires the breast implant to be removed (either temporarily or permanently) in order to treat it.
  • Breast Cancer. In order for appropriate treatment, the breast implants may require removal.
  • Implant Rupture. An implant rupture requires removal. Some women may opt to have their implants replaced, and some decide to have them removed permanently.
  • Change in Preference. Breast implants are not for everyone, and some women simply decide that breast implants no longer suit their lifestyle - which is as valid a reason as any to get them removed.

Breast Implant Removal Surgery

The procedure is performed as an inpatient, day procedure under a general anaesthetic (you will be put to sleep) at our private day hospital facility. In order to minimise scarring Dr Chinsee will re-open your prior incisions. He will then remove the implant followed by the surrounding capsule. Removing the capsule and implant together requires a larger incision. If your implants are ruptured Dr Chinsee will remove any leaked silicone from the breast cavity.

Once all traces of implant and capsule have been removed from your body, a lift may be performed in order to improve the appearance of the natural breast tissue. If you require a breast lift, this will be discussed during your initial consultation.

A straight forward breast implant removal will usually take around 1 hour to perform. If a lift is required, the procedure may take around 3 hours. You will then spend around 2 - 3 hours waking up in recovery before you are sent home.

Recovery from Breast Implant Removal

Most patients describe the pain as mild aches which is usually controlled with oral pain medication prescribed by Dr Chinsee.

Recovery as not as long or intense as the initial breast augmentation procedure. You will experience swelling and bruising, and will be required to wear a compression bra provided to you by the clinic. Patients are advised to take 1 - 2 weeks off work, and can usually resume all normal activities, including gym work by 6 weeks. The major swelling usually subsides by 3 months, with finally results noticeable between 6 - 12 months.

Patients who have opted to have a straight forward removal with no lift will need to wait at least 6 months to allow the orignal breast tissue to retract and heal. This does depend on the quality of your original skin, severity of sagging, and your anatomy.

Scarring from Breast Implant Removal

Dr Chinsee attempts to minimise scarring as much as possible. This is achieved by re-opening the initial incision, and removing the implant and surrounding capsule separately.

If patients require a lift in conjunction with a breast implant removal, the scarring will depend on estensibility of work performed. Most scarring will fade over time with appropriate postoperative care.

The Cost of Breast Implant Removal

Dr Chinsee's prices are fully inclusive to cover all fees associated with your procedure. Surgeon’s fee, hospital & anaesthetic fees, postoperative compression bra, contact with a Registered Nurse after your surgery, and follow up postoperative appointments for 1 year.

The only items not included in the total price are the initial consultation fee, $150, and medications prescribed after surgery, around $40.

Please visit our Pricing Structure Page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are complications and risks associated with breast implant removal?

All surgeries carry associated complications and risks. Including: bleeding, infection, reaction to anaesthesia, changes in breast or nipple sensation, or dissatisfaction with cosmetic result. Please ask for a copy of the Surgical Consent for more detailed information.

I have large breast implants, I am worried that my breasts will be saggy after I have them removed?

Large volume breast implants will stretch the skin over time. This skin will shrink and retract a little after the implants have been removed but this does depend on the overall skin quality, elasticity, your age, and how long your implants were in place.

For optimum results, Dr Chinsee may recommend a lift is performed in conjunction with your implant removal. Dr Chinsee performs 3 different types of lifts depending on the severity of sag present. He will tighten up the original breast by removing excess skin and repositioning the nipple to improve the natural breast contour.

This will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation.

Will breast implant removal cure symptoms of breast implant illness?

Breast implant illness is a topic of hot debate both in the medical and non-medical communities. There is no official diagnosis of 'breast implant illness' and many doctors believe that it does not exist. However, Dr Chinsee does believe that a very small group of women are just not suited to breast implants and that it may manifest in physical symptoms.

However please keep in mind that the removal of breast implants may not cure breast implant illness.

Can I still get breast implant associated ALCL with breast implant removal?

Breast implant associaed Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, or Bia-ALCL, is a rare disease associated with women who have breast implants. It occurs in the capsule around the implant. With a total capsulectomy En Bloc, Dr Chinsee removes the surrounding breast implant capsule.

Will I need drains after breast implant removal?

Dr Chinsee ultilises modern surgical techniques that do not require drains.

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