Perfectly Imperfect

Heard the saying eyebrows are sisters not twins? The same goes for our breasts. Obviously if your breasts are more like distant cousins than sisters pre-surgery there are additional procedures that can be performed alongside your breast augmentation. The imperfections discussed below are the little asymmetries that occur naturally within our bodies.

A breast augmentation will result in a bigger version of what you already have, enhancing your natural assets. Increasing the breast size may also make small imperfections more obvious. Usually, pre-surgery, patients don’t even realise these little imperfections exist, and post-surgery, well we definitely pay more attention to our new girls and the over analysing may make us more aware of the slight differences between the two.

I wanted to point out some examples of little imperfections that women sometimes comment on after surgery. These are not Dr Chinsee’s patients. If my patients haven’t noticed tiny imperfections, then I don’t want to be the one to point them out. Someone did that with my forehead once and now I have a complex about it.

Size Difference

Most women will have one breast that is ever so slightly bigger than the other. If the size difference between the two is significant, your surgeon can use two different sized implants to correct asymmetry. However, implants are only produced in certain increments, and sometimes the size different can be too small to warrant two different sized implants. If this is the case, then one breast may end up ever so slightly larger than the other after surgery.

2 different sized breasts

Example of 2 different sized breasts from:

Additional Procedures To Correct Size Difference

If the size difference is too small to correct with different sized implants, your surgeon may discuss fat transfer to the smaller breast.

Low Set Breasts

If you have low set breasts, they will still be low set after a breast augmentation.

Low set Breasts

Example of low set breasts from:

Additional Procedures To Correct Low Set Breasts

Your surgeon may discuss a procedure called an IMF lift – inframammary fold lift which involves creating a new crease further up the breast. This is a difficult (and expensive) procedure with a high complication rate.

Wide Set Breasts aka I Want Cleavage

One of the most common requests is: I want to have cleavage while not wearing a bra. If you have wide set breasts, they will still be wide set after a breast augmentation. If you can’t achieve cleavage without a bra now, then you won’t be able to achieve cleavage without a bra afterwards. If cleavage is a big deciding factor, then make sure you discuss this with your surgeon.

Wide set breasts

Example of wide set breasts from:

Additional Procedures To Correct Wide Set Breasts

Your surgeon may discuss a larger implant to fill out the gap, but keep in mind this is probably going to be A LOT bigger than what you were expecting, and the bigger the implant, the more risks and complications. This will need to be combined with fat transfer to the cleavage to round out the appearance.

Different Heights

Your breast crease decides where your implants sit. Sometimes, breast creases aren’t particularly even. When implants are inserted it can make the unevenness more noticeable due to the increase in size.

Different height breasts

Different height breasts

Example of breasts sitting at different heights from:

Additional Procedures To Correct Breasts at Different Heights

This can be improved with IMF lifting and if it’s less than 1 – 1.5cm your surgeon will more than likely do it automatically during your procedure.

Different Angles

Nipples don’t always point evenly forward at a perfectly straight angle, they may sit at different heights, and they may point in different directions.

Different angles

Example of breasts at different angles from:

Additional Procedures To Correct Breasts At Different Angles

Your surgeon may discuss procedures to correct the nipple placement if it is a concern of yours.

Chest Wall Abnormalities

Obviously you would be very much aware if you have a major chest wall abnormality. Patients can have a minor abnormality, but the surgeon will usually point this out during the initial consultation.

  1. Pectus excavatum: a congenital deformity of the chest wall that causes several ribs and the breastbone (sternum) to grow in an inward direction which forms a depression in the chest.

    Pectus excavatum

    Pectus excavatum

    1. Pectus carinatum: a genetic disorder of the chest wall that causes unusual growth of rib and breastbone and causes the chest to jut out.

    Pectus carinatum

Images sourced from: Rapuzzi, G., Torre, M., Romanini, M.V. et al. The Nuss Procedure After Breast Augmentation for Female Pectus Excavatum. Aesth Plast Surg 34,397–400 (2010).

Areola and Nipple Size

Inserting implants stretches the skin which can result in stretched areola. Or maybe your areola wasn’t that noticeable before surgery and due to the size increase it’s something that’s become more noticeable.

Enlarged areola

Example of enlarged areola after surgery:

Additional Procedures To Correct Areola Or Nipple Size

Your surgeon may discuss an areola or nipple reduction.

Special Mention – Sunspots, Lesions, Moles

Occasionally patients will message me with concerns that they have developed a new mole or skin tag post-surgery. A quick flick through their pre-surgery pics usually shows that it was there before boobs.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect result’ and we all have little asymmetries. Cosmetic surgery is an art and not an exact science, and although good results are expected, they are not guaranteed. Every surgery and procedure carry risks and complications. You do need to weigh up the risk vs the reward, particularly when it comes to correcting minor imperfections.

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