Out of Town Patients

Approximately 30% of our patients who see Dr Chinsee for surgery are from out of town. We offer a comfortable journey from beginning to end to ensure you are provided with a seamless, quality experience.

Initial Consultation

Dr Chinsee offers consultation via Skype or Facetime for patients travelling to Brisbane.

The cost of the consultation is $150 which is required to be paid upon the time of booking.

Before your consultation Dr Chinsee will require some additional information emailed through to: info@drchinsee.com.au

New Patient Medical History Form which can be downloaded here.

Three photos (face on, left and right sides) with a pen tucked up under the breast crease. To ensure your arms are in a neutral position and to provide us with the most accurate image, please ask someone else to take the photo for you. Good natural lighting is a must!

Place a tape measure firmly around your chest and let it rest just under your bust, making sure that the tape is lying straight across your back. Pull it snug but not too tight – it shouldn't cut into your skin. Make note of your measurement in centimetres, usually between 70-90cm.

To help ensure Dr Chinsee has a clear idea of the look you would like to achieve, please provide "wish pics". For clarity, the models in these pictures must be nude.

You can book your appointment by calling 1300 884 577 or request a call back by completing our Contact Form.

Surgery Booking

Dr Chinsee operates every Tuesday. You will need to arrive the day before your procedure, and stay for at least two nights afterwards (in your chosen accomodation location), unless otherwise advised by Dr Chinsee. A friend or relative will need to accompany you for the length of your stay. If you are unable to bring someone with you, a nurse can be arranged at your expense.

We require a non-refundable deposit to book the surgery date.

Surgery Day

The Hospital Care Co-Ordinator will call you the day before to go over your admission time and fasting instructions.

Once you arrive at the hospital you will have another quick consultation with Dr Chinsee, and meet the anaesthetist and other staff involved in your operation.

After your procedure your support person will sign you out, and will be required to stay with you 24 hours after surgery. This is a legal requirement and the hospital will not let you go home if you do not have someone with you.

After Surgery

Our Nurse will contact you the day after your procedure and arrange for a postoperative dressing change (if applicable).

You will have the option of Skype or a face to face appointment with Dr Chinsee throughout the year. These appointments are usually around 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks and 6 months.

Information on this site is not a substitute for professional medical advice